Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kandy Diva Spotlight 10/23/2012

So i met up with one of Kain's Kandy original Divas  Lynn Lionheart  also known as Lynnie Darkfire. So i hung her up  literally and interviewed her so here are the exclusive details of her interview.

Kain- So Lynnie what brought you into porn ?

Lynnie- I've done everything else on the grid. And everything was getting quite boring so I thought porn would be something new and different. Not to mention the fact I'm a  nympho so it helps :P

Kain- Have you been in any photoshoots, films and if so who were the directors and or photographers ? and if you had to pick your favorite one so far which would it be ?

Lynnie- I've been in a film which Hunter Sorrelwood directed. I've done a few photo shoots with you(Kain Flux), one with Damien, and one with Khal. And it's hard to pick a favorite because everyone has their own style and way of doing things. So all of them are favorites in their own way.

Kain- Very nice, now if you had to pick a Dream Team Cast consisting of five people not counting yourself ?

Lynnie- That's a tough one there are so many talented people in the industry. If I absolutely had to pick I would go with Meg Corral, you(Kain Flux),Reminisce Eiren, Shay Bachman ,and Damien Falken. Yes he's new, but he's got ambition and that means a lot.

Kain- So what would be your dream film and or photo shoot ?

Lynnie- Fetish or Fantasy speaking, I'm a freak. So I want to be cut up and hung by ropes and chains while being pounded until I can't take the pain anymore. Or I want to find a pool of blood and just be laid down and fucked roughly until we are both covered in red, Call me sick and twisted, but that's hot to me :P.

Kain- So for my last question Lynnie for all the photographers and producers out there for those curious minds what is your sexual preference and your limits ?

Lynnie- I'm bi-sexual. Both sexes have their own attractive qualities. So if you ask me to go lick the shit out of some girl, I'm gonna do it :P. As far as limits, If you ask me to go fuck a dog or horse you're gonna get my boot up your ass, but like role playing with demons and other mythical creatures is ok, that doesn't bother me. I won't do any age play or anything gross and if I have to be specific, you're a noob :P. But most people don't do anything that scares me, so most of the time my limits are theirs.

Kain- I would like to Welcome you to the Kandy Diva Spotlight of the day Lynnie and if you would like to say anything the floor is yours

Lynnie- Nothing for me to say that I haven't already said, so thank you ;-)

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