Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lynn Pays the Price for being a Slut in Public

Lynnie and Heaven Darkfire were out having a grand ole time having a ladies day out, until something happened. The two sexy ladies were snatched and are captive in this old house in the mountains. The only thing the mysterious man has said is to Lynnie is "You are going to pay for being a slut in public". No one knows what has happened to Heaven Darkfire she disappeared after being dragged into the house. Lets see what happened to Lynnie.  Rest can be seen here

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Kandy Shoppe

That is right folks Kain's Kandy has a spot its called the  Kandy Shop currently we are under construction getting everything together but are welcome to come check it out a lot of goodies already put inside. Currently we have The Kandy Shoppe's  Sexiest Ass  Photo contest  going on  boards to enter are 100 Linden and 10 lindens to vote with unlimited votes. We are hoping to  get it going  and hopefully host a porn party or two. Also will be the home of the Kain's Kandy Divas.

 Come check it out if you get a chance

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Kandy Exclusive for DGD: Moonies Cockacino

Moonie  decides to open up her own  coffee shop and everything is going smoothly till her Cappuccino  delivery is late. So she intends to make this delivery  guy pay for his tardiness  until she see's its Kain. A guy she grew up with and went to high school with and had a huge crush on. Moonie decides to get what she has wanted for a very long time. Enjoy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kandy Diva Spotlight 10/23/2012

So i met up with one of Kain's Kandy original Divas  Lynn Lionheart  also known as Lynnie Darkfire. So i hung her up  literally and interviewed her so here are the exclusive details of her interview.

Kain- So Lynnie what brought you into porn ?

Lynnie- I've done everything else on the grid. And everything was getting quite boring so I thought porn would be something new and different. Not to mention the fact I'm a  nympho so it helps :P

Kain- Have you been in any photoshoots, films and if so who were the directors and or photographers ? and if you had to pick your favorite one so far which would it be ?

Lynnie- I've been in a film which Hunter Sorrelwood directed. I've done a few photo shoots with you(Kain Flux), one with Damien, and one with Khal. And it's hard to pick a favorite because everyone has their own style and way of doing things. So all of them are favorites in their own way.

Kain- Very nice, now if you had to pick a Dream Team Cast consisting of five people not counting yourself ?

Lynnie- That's a tough one there are so many talented people in the industry. If I absolutely had to pick I would go with Meg Corral, you(Kain Flux),Reminisce Eiren, Shay Bachman ,and Damien Falken. Yes he's new, but he's got ambition and that means a lot.

Kain- So what would be your dream film and or photo shoot ?

Lynnie- Fetish or Fantasy speaking, I'm a freak. So I want to be cut up and hung by ropes and chains while being pounded until I can't take the pain anymore. Or I want to find a pool of blood and just be laid down and fucked roughly until we are both covered in red, Call me sick and twisted, but that's hot to me :P.

Kain- So for my last question Lynnie for all the photographers and producers out there for those curious minds what is your sexual preference and your limits ?

Lynnie- I'm bi-sexual. Both sexes have their own attractive qualities. So if you ask me to go lick the shit out of some girl, I'm gonna do it :P. As far as limits, If you ask me to go fuck a dog or horse you're gonna get my boot up your ass, but like role playing with demons and other mythical creatures is ok, that doesn't bother me. I won't do any age play or anything gross and if I have to be specific, you're a noob :P. But most people don't do anything that scares me, so most of the time my limits are theirs.

Kain- I would like to Welcome you to the Kandy Diva Spotlight of the day Lynnie and if you would like to say anything the floor is yours

Lynnie- Nothing for me to say that I haven't already said, so thank you ;-)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kandy Spotlight Sept. 16th Reminisce Eiren

So I met up with Reminisce "Remi" Eiren for her Feature on the Kandy Shoppe  Spotlight of the Day . Remi also had some words of her own  on a special matter of  looks so lets see what she has to say

   Kain- So Remi what brought you into porn ?
   Remi- It was something new for me. I love taking pictures and having pictures done, so it just made sense to get into the business. Not to mention I have this pain in the ass best friend (Kain Flux) who totally peer pressured me. :p
   Kain- Have you been in any photo shoots, films and if so who were the directors and or photographers ? and if you had to pick your favorite one so far which would it be ?
    Remi- I've been in a few so far, I've worked with Brush Bentley, who's set I absolutely loved. I did movies thus far with Lasga, Grim and Rocco. All of which were fun to work with and taught me something new with each experience. Of course I've worked with my noob Kain Flux. As far as favorite, so far I've learned so much from each experience but I'd have to say my favorite right now is the very first pic of mine that went through the porn stars group made by Mercedes Styles. She gave me my first taste of what it would be like, and piqued my curiosity. I <3 my Cuntcakes.
   Kain-  Very nice, now if you had to pick a Dream Team Cast consisting of five people not counting yourself ?
   Remi- Going purely on looks here, I would have to say Mercedes, Elle, Kai, you (Kain Flux) and Kuro. I love great contrasts of looks and I think you 5 would do that stunningly.
    Kain-  So what would be your dream film and or photo shoot ?
     Remi- Fantasy things. I love the whimsical. I would be all over something that was lets say a very vivid dream, captured on film. I would also do a pregnancy shoot. Like happy couple just finds out the gender of the baby. At that point her tummy is just obvious enough that she's expecting but she's not uncomfortably swollen yet, and well... you know what they say, pregnant pussy is the best lol.
    Kain- So for my last question Remi for all the photographers and producers out there for those curious minds what is your sexual preference and your limits ?
    Remi- In terms of preference I'm open to just about everything, I don't discriminate. I would consider myself pansexual and even more so sapiosexual. In other words, engage my mind and I'll be putty. My limits go as far as my partner's talents. Some are just better at certain acts of depravity than others. ;

   Kain- I would like to Welcome you to the Kandy Diva Spotlight of the day Remi and if you would like to say anything the floor is yours.

    Remi-  I sure would, there seems to be this misconception that curves aren't sexy. That sexy, beautiful or attractive only comes in one flavor, shape or size. To all the girls out there doubting whether or not they'd look good enough to get themselves cast because they're too slim or too wide, stop listening to negative bitches and just be yourself. There is nothing sexier in a woman than an air of confidence and originality. In short, be yourself and fuck the opinions of those that would try to change you because your hips are too wide or your tits arent big enough.  In plain english, i wish a bitch would tell me she look better than me. *rolls eyes and brushes my extensions back off my shoulder.*

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kandy Shoppe Photo of the Day 9/15

This Picture is called Vintage coming straight from  one of the Kandy Divas herself  Reminisce Eiren.... it was for a blogging challenge i do recommend checking her blog out very informitive on fashion, houses and much more. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Featured Kandy Diva of the Day : Ann Stoop Sept. 14th

So I met up with Ann Stoop's today for an interview and for Kandy Diva feature spotlight of the day. Here is what was said in her question and answer with me. 

 Kain- so Ann what brought you into porn ?
 Ann-well, grew up in a restrictive family, so wanted to rebel against everything, and rl I have a responsible position in my rl work so it's not like i can moonlight as a dancer or hooker. So this is a sort of outlet to live out the dreams :)
 Kain- Have you ever been in a shoot or film ? and if you have what were they and who was the photographer or director? 
 Ann- been mostly in photo shoots, like with cybercat, Kain, Khal and a few others. I have been in a few vidoes but been so long since I was in a movie I can't even remember, but one flick was done by Cybercat.
 Kain- If you had to pick your dream team cast who would it be ?
 Ann- hmmm cast, Emmanuelle and Quinn, Quise " ⒹαĈockץ" Radius is the first one that comes to mind when I think guys :)
 Kain-  What is your sexual preference ?
 Ann- I'm bi
 Kain- Please tell us what your limits would be for a film or shoot ?
 Ann-  my limits are kids and scat :)
 Kain- Last Question Ann what would be your dream shoot as a pornstar ?
 Ann- Well a gang bang would be choice number 1!! Me and like 5 or 6 men :) 2nd choice would be do a cuck movie, have a white hubby with a little dick and make him watch have sex with a hung black guy :)


Sunday, September 9, 2012

The first six Kain's Kandy Divas

 These are the first six of the Kain's Kandy  Divas  Reminisce Eiren, Kannibal Thirst, Meg Corral, Eva Brunswick, Samantha28 Magic, and Lynn Lionheart, and there are more to Come so make sure to keep an eye out  for the Kain's Kandy Divas

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

American Nightmare 2 : Catalia's Wrath


Poster has been taken and Edited by Excutive Producer
Kannibal Thirst 
    Rage and Vanity return to  cause havoc over a new surrounding town from their  mountainous  home where Vanity and Rage claimed  there first 4 victims a year ago. Vanity has picked up a small part time job as a gas station attendant, as her anger from her past still fuels her she has found lots of new men and woman to feed off of as a strange disappearance in  the city has arose. While Vanity is having her fun Rage keeps a strong hand on her with his violent beatings and taking of her body to remind her the purpose  of why they have come out again. Vanity simply agrees with her lover  and does what he wants as to her the beatings and raping of her body is his way of showing her love and she accepts that. While Rage wanders the street  brutalizing woman after woman leaving them in their apartments or garbage dumpsters to be found by the police and their loved ones Rage receives a phone call from Vanity. Vanity explains to him that  there is a a thick latin slut in the gas station as her car has broke down and not from around this part of the country is trying to get it fixed. Rage soon finds out her name Catalia  Cotton...he thinks could this be true  a descendant from Mary Ann way to find out he says to himself and then orders Vanity to keep her busy. As Rage makes his way to the garage...Catalia makes friendly talk with Vanity thus for the plan had worked. So Vanity thinks anyway.....
Starring : Kannibal Thirst, Reminisce Eiren, and Kain Flux 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing Kain's Kandy

Welcome to the Kandy Shop Kain's Kandy shop that is, and to start off Kain's Kandy we have Lynn Lionheart and Samantha Magic as they are featured as Kain Inherits two wives. A non-sexual sneak peak at two of the first four of Kain's Kandy Divas. This Blog was created in thanks to my best friends Reminisce "Remi" Eiren, Samantha28 Magic, and Lynn Lionheart, and Meg Corral. Now then I now introduce Kain Inherits two Wives please enjoy and Welcome to Kain's Kandy Shop