Friday, September 14, 2012

Featured Kandy Diva of the Day : Ann Stoop Sept. 14th

So I met up with Ann Stoop's today for an interview and for Kandy Diva feature spotlight of the day. Here is what was said in her question and answer with me. 

 Kain- so Ann what brought you into porn ?
 Ann-well, grew up in a restrictive family, so wanted to rebel against everything, and rl I have a responsible position in my rl work so it's not like i can moonlight as a dancer or hooker. So this is a sort of outlet to live out the dreams :)
 Kain- Have you ever been in a shoot or film ? and if you have what were they and who was the photographer or director? 
 Ann- been mostly in photo shoots, like with cybercat, Kain, Khal and a few others. I have been in a few vidoes but been so long since I was in a movie I can't even remember, but one flick was done by Cybercat.
 Kain- If you had to pick your dream team cast who would it be ?
 Ann- hmmm cast, Emmanuelle and Quinn, Quise " ⒹαĈockץ" Radius is the first one that comes to mind when I think guys :)
 Kain-  What is your sexual preference ?
 Ann- I'm bi
 Kain- Please tell us what your limits would be for a film or shoot ?
 Ann-  my limits are kids and scat :)
 Kain- Last Question Ann what would be your dream shoot as a pornstar ?
 Ann- Well a gang bang would be choice number 1!! Me and like 5 or 6 men :) 2nd choice would be do a cuck movie, have a white hubby with a little dick and make him watch have sex with a hung black guy :)


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